Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Q & A of my RIA session @ New York CodeCamp III

New York CodeCamp - III - RIA -AJAX and SilverLight Session - 10 Jan 2009

Here is the response of questions come across during from my RIA Session audience at New York Code Camp III on 10th jan 2009.

I sent my PPT & Presentaion samples to Steve to post it in New York Code camp site.

# How JSON data will be parsed at client side ajax.
I strongly suggest to look at this article to know more about json and diff between json vs xml and parsing Json data.

#if scriptmanager is going to render some javascript what updatepanel will do?
UpdatePanel will do actual postback which will use javascript files rendered by ScriptManager.

#How do i compress view state in ASP.NET?
Here is the simple implementation of ViewState Compression

#If viewstate is going to be rendered for first time before ajax call, how view state will be uopdated after partial page postback?
If you're already shuffling the ViewState around anyway, you might use an UpdatePanel. UpdatePanel's partial postbacks will update the page's ViewState automatically.

#JSON Usage in Ajax
I created a sample for WCF service JSON usage in AJAX.Pls check my presantations sample at Code Camp Ny Website.

#Why silverligth needs script manager?
SilverLight always do AsyncCalls to server.To facilitate Async Calls to seerver,Scriptmanager will be used to emit necessary javascript files to Client.

#I could see some other silverlight apps on my Browser other than one of my sample. ?
My approach would be
a.Remove all the .xaml file lay out contents and code behind and build it and try to view.
b.if still problem persists, check any 3rd party references and try again.
c.if still problem persists, create a new app and move the old contents to my new silverlight app progressive manner.

#Script Manager vs Update panel purpose
The ScriptManager control manages client script for Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX pages. By default, the ScriptManager control registers the script for the Microsoft AJAX Library with the page. This enables client script to use the type system extensions and to support features such as partial-page rendering and Web-service calls.

ASP.NET UpdatePanel controls enable you to build rich, client-centric Web applications. By using UpdatePanel controls, you can refresh selected parts of the page instead of refreshing the whole page with a postback. This is referred to as performing a partial-page update. A Web page that contains a ScriptManager control and one or more UpdatePanel controls can automatically participate in partial-page updates, without custom client script

#Silverligth vs Flash .how silver light is different than flash.
Flash kind of functionality is one feature of silverlight only.
Below are the Silverlight facilitates
.Net framework support
Seamless interaction with WCF/ ASMX
Async Calls
Uunified framework for RIA
Rapid Application Development

#How can i convert vs 2005 projects to use ajax?
Download ajax extentions for vs 2005 from>downloads
Start using client centric/server centric approach of ajax
Implement ajax functionality using progressive approach

#How far silverlight will be used for business applications?
Silverlight can be used to use any commercial applications. pls look at my presentations to understand how it can be used for business apps.

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